A Man And A Woman (EN)

An interactive psychological film exploring
the endless cycles of love and life.

The story of two vicenarians seeking their paths between the academic and professional lives while navigating the complexities of love and life in their world.

With interactive narrative elements, this film invites viewers to participate within the story, hence impacting the character action, decision and path. 

This film is experienced from the individual perspective of either the Man or the Woman, depending on viewer choice of protagonist.

Viewers will undergo a personalized story experience leading to different endings and character conclusion, all based on the their made-choices.

The central theme explored is the endless cyclic nature of love relationships.

Featuring morally-based choices and choice’s consequences, the film’s interactive and narrative combination allows for a deep look and exploration of the character psychology as well as that of the viewers for being active participants in the narrative deployment.



Project in  PRODUCTION
Producer & Director  THIERRY LOA
Interactive Storywriter  THIERRY LOA
App Developer  MELVYN LOA
Music Composer  PHILIPPE LE BON
Website by  HELLOHELLO

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